Jan. 3rd, 2015

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Several years ago my OH went on a 'jolly boys' trip to Newcastle Races. After a pleasant day out with his mates, and several snifters, he was making his way home in a somewhat mellow mood at about 10pm when he came upon the sight of an elderly bloke lying on the ground being kicked and unmercifully beaten by a much younger man. The OH instinctively waded in and managed to stop the assault, although sadly not before the victim had sustained a fractured skull. For his troubles, the OH ended up with a black eye, a bloody nose, and severe bruising to his face. Not to mention getting his glasses smashed and ruining an expensive silk tie that he was wearing for the first time that day (something that seemed to irk him more than anything else, as it happened!).

Fast-forward fourteen years, and our community is stunned by the murder of a local man. Murdered by his own son, no less. And lo and behold, the arsehole who has killed his father is none other than the same arsehole that my OH found attacking the elderly man all those years ago. And now we're thinking that maybe the OH was lucky to escape with a black eye, a bruised face, and a ruined silk tie that night.


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