Jul. 20th, 2015

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My LJ has been filled with sadness recently, and sometimes it's difficult to remember that there are still good things happening in my life.

The best and happiest of those things is this little angel - my new granddaughter, Annie Mae, who was born on 1st June!

She's such a happy smiling little thing, and it's a joy to watch her and big sister Izzy laughing at each other.

What other good things have happened? Well, back in May I had a great weekend meeting up with fellow Pros fans at WINK. And as an added bonus we had our Sunday lunch at a Pros location, the Metropolitan Police Sports Club in Bushey, otherwise known as the cricket ground where Bodie almost got his century in Blood Sports!

Another good thing - I've just come back from two weeks holiday in Brighton. Not our usual type of holiday, I have to admit - no yomping across the countryside, or exploring the streets of London, which is our usual thing. We had an ulterior motive though, we were actually there carrying out a recce to help us decide whether we fancied renting a flat there for six months next year. We're still tossing up whether to plump for Brighton or London at the moment, but I think Brighton is winning out. We like the town very much, the rented accommodation is considerably cheaper, and we could still be up to London on the train in less than an hour. The South Downs are right on the doorstep too, and we quite fancy exploring that area. So, the next step will be to go back next year, probably in March, and hopefully view some properties with the intention of renting something from May onwards. Exciting, innit!

More travelling this coming weekend too as we're going to the Lake District for a few days to celebrate my birthday. Should be a nice relaxing time, gentle walk around the lake, good food, good drink. Fingers crossed that it's not peeing down! (What am I saying? This is the Lake District we're talking about...)

So, good things are still happening. I just have to stop and take a look around me sometimes...


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