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Several years ago my OH went on a 'jolly boys' trip to Newcastle Races. After a pleasant day out with his mates, and several snifters, he was making his way home in a somewhat mellow mood at about 10pm when he came upon the sight of an elderly bloke lying on the ground being kicked and unmercifully beaten by a much younger man. The OH instinctively waded in and managed to stop the assault, although sadly not before the victim had sustained a fractured skull. For his troubles, the OH ended up with a black eye, a bloody nose, and severe bruising to his face. Not to mention getting his glasses smashed and ruining an expensive silk tie that he was wearing for the first time that day (something that seemed to irk him more than anything else, as it happened!).

Fast-forward fourteen years, and our community is stunned by the murder of a local man. Murdered by his own son, no less. And lo and behold, the arsehole who has killed his father is none other than the same arsehole that my OH found attacking the elderly man all those years ago. And now we're thinking that maybe the OH was lucky to escape with a black eye, a bruised face, and a ruined silk tie that night.
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It's not quite the New Year yet, but I've made a few resolutions already; to lose a couple of stone (nothing new there), to go out for a decent walk every day, to write something for the next Pros Big Bang... and to update this journal far more frequently than I have been doing.

So, in anticipation of regular posts in the New Year, I thought it might be a good idea to recap what's been happening at Ronnie Towers of late. I suppose the biggest news is that we have another grandchild on the way! Our daughter G is expecting a baby at the beginning of June, so granddaughter Izzy will soon be a big sister! Needless to say we are all overjoyed and looking forward to the big day. G and family have recently moved house as well, so there's certainly a lot going on in their lives.

Our youngest daughter K also has big plans for next year - in September/October she will be taking off with her boyfriend for a round-the-world backpacking trip, and will be away from home for nine or ten months. So far the plan is to start off in India, and then to take in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Australia amongst other places. It'll be a huge adventure for them, and whilst I'll admit to being a bit nervous about them travelling to such far-flung places I'm also very excited for them.

As for the OH and me, we have put our plans to move house on hold for the time being. The main reason for this is because we have for a while been mulling over the idea of renting a place in London (or possibly Brighton) for six months or so before we finally sell up and settle elsewhere. One of the problems attached to this was the security dilemma of leaving our house unattended (with all our possessions inside) for all that time, but now we've come up with a solution - when K and her boyfriend go off on their travels they will have to give up their rented flat and will therefore have nowhere to live when they come back. So, they will move into our house and house-sit for us while we go off on our adventure! It will be the ideal situation for all of us, and it also means that they will be able to house-hunt at leisure without any pressure.

There's not a lot we can do about finding somewhere to rent until nearer the time, but that hasn't stopped me looking! And while our original plan only involved staying in London, I have to say that Brighton is looking more and more attractive. The cost of renting is so much cheaper there, and yet it's only a short train ride from the Smoke so there'd be nothing to stop us travelling up several times a week. And, of course, it would give us the opportunity to explore some wonderful places in the south of the country.

So, busy and exciting times ahead for all of us here! Daily life is dominated by Crimbo at the moment, of course, and I seem to have loads left to do in the next few days. No Christmas dinner to cook though! We are invited for dinner with daughter G, son-in-law M and Izzy this year, so although we will of course be pitching in where needed the pressure will be off. We've still got the hordes descending for Boxing Day dinner though! *g*

It just remains for me to wish all my lovely LJ friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. I'm afraid I haven't had the time to create a new Christmas greeting this year but I hope you won't mind if I resurrect this one from several years back -

Christmas 08 complete
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And also wishing [ profile] cloudless_9193 a very...

Hope you're having a great day!
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Here's wishing [ profile] msmoat a very...

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sunshine!


Nov. 27th, 2014 09:31 am
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Hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we received the sad news of Lew's passing.

He'll always remain in our hearts.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] murphybabe!!

all three

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] foreverfoxcat

Looks like you've got a couple of gatecrashers...

Foxcat's birthday 2014
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Yet again, I've failed miserably at updating here. Sorry! I really do start off with good intentions, but then I think that everything that's happening around these 'ere parts would just be completely boring to everyone else and I end up not bothering...

So, what has been going on Chez Ronnie then? Well, I've had another little holiday in the Smoke! Just a few days to mark the birthday of 'im indoors, but very enjoyable although overshadowed somewhat by the fact that I had a funeral to attend while I was there. My cousin died unexpectedly a few days before our holiday - she was just two years older than me but had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers about five years ago. It was lucky in a way that I'd planned on being in London on the day of the funeral anyway as I don't think I could have afforded the train fare down there if I'd needed to book a ticket at short notice - approximately £200 for a return ticket! Crazy!

We were staying in an apartment just a few minutes walk from the Tower of London so our first port of call once we'd unpacked was a visit to see the display of poppies at the Tower. For those of you who don't know about it, this is an art installation commemorating the British military victims of the First World War. The Tower of London moat is gradually being filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies, one for every life lost. The last poppy will be placed in the moat on 11th November, Armistice Day.

london sept 2014 013 london sept 2014 012 london sept 2014 006 london sept 2014 001

The following day we decided to walk part of the Thames Path, taking in some of the Tall Ships Festival on the way. I also got my first ever close-up view of the Thames Barrier! It seems incredible that the Barrier has been there for over 30 years and yet this was the first time I'd ever got a good look at it!

london sept 2014 053 london sept 2014 046

We decided to take the Thames Clipper back into Central London and as luck would have it our journey coincided exactly with the Tall Ships leaving Greenwich on their seaward journey - we ended up going right through the middle of them and it was stunning!

london sept 2014 098 london sept 2014 089 london sept 2014 085 london sept 2014 083

So, that was more or less my brief London trip. Next one to look forward to is CI5mas at the Great Northern Railway Tavern at the end of November - can't wait!

Oh, and there may be plans in the offing for substantially longer stay in the Smoke in the not-too-distant future. Too soon to say much more about it, but watch this space!
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Wishing a great big happy birthday to Pros fan extraordinaire [ profile] sc_fossil! Hope you're having a brilliant day, m'dear!

smiley 3

And as I missed two other birthdays while I was away from home, I'm also sending belated happy birthdays to two more great gals, [ profile] hgdoghouse and [ profile] giseerouchon - hope your special days were brilliant too!
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A little while ago I advertised some Man From UNCLE zines for sale on various LJ communities and Yahoo groups. I had a response from someone in the States who said she would like to buy three of the zines, so I packaged them up and trundled off to the Post Office to get a postage price. I wrote and told this person how much the zines plus postage would be and waited for a reply. And waited...

In the meantime another email arrived from someone in Canada who also wanted to buy the same three zines. I told her that I was waiting to hear from somebody else about them, but that I would let her know if they decided they didn't want them. "Fine," she replied. "If the zines don't sell I'll have them."

Back I went to the first person to tell her that I'd had another enquiry about the zines, so could she let me know if she wanted them or not. "Can you give me 24 hours to decide?" she replied. 24 hours passed... 48 hours passed...

Eventually an email arrived - "I've just realised that my car insurance is due this month so I can't afford the zines. Let the other person have them. If by chance they're still unsold in a month's time let me know and I'll definitely be able to buy them then."

I sent another email to the Canadian person and told her that the zines were hers. No reply. I never heard from her again.

After a month had passed I wrote again to the first person (the one in the US), told her that I still had the zines for sale and asked her if she was still interested in buying them. Not a dicky bird from her either.

So, after six weeks or so of emailing back and forth and carting zines to the Post Office, I'm no further forward. And I still have a boxload of Man From UNCLE zines that I need to offload...


Lights Out

Aug. 4th, 2014 10:17 pm
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Both my grandfathers fought in the First World War. My maternal grandfather was one of six brothers, all of whom joined up and fought overseas. Somewhat miraculously, they all came home safely.

My paternal grandfather also had brothers, but they're something of a mystery to me. Presumably some or all of them also joined up but whether they came home, I don't know. My grandfather did come home, although the illness he contracted whilst fighting overseas led to his death seven years after the end of the war.

Another relative of mine, a cousin of my maternal grandfather, was wounded at Ypres and some years later wrote a play based on his wartime experiences. 'Journey's End' is still regarded as a powerful piece of writing that tells of the futility of war.

I am thinking of them all at 'Lights Out' tonight - my grandfathers Albert Beazley and Henry Sherriff; my grandfather's brothers Tom, Bill, Art, Syd and Bert Sherriff; and my grandfather's cousin, Bob Sherriff.

Lights Out 4 August 2014 002
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When it was announced a little under two years ago that a new medal was going to be awarded to men who'd served in the Arctic Convoys during World War 2 I decided to apply on behalf of my Dad. Not that my Dad would ever actually see the medal as he died a long time ago, but he was immensely proud of his service in the Royal Navy and I knew that if he were still alive he would have been delighted to receive it.

It was probably about eighteen months ago that I sent in the application, accompanied by photocopies of my Dad's service record and other documents. The months went by without any sort of acknowledgement, but that didn't bother me as I knew that applications were being dealt with in strict order of importance - surviving veterans first, then widows, then next-of-kin (ie me). Then in October last year I received a letter asking for further documentation, so at least I knew that my application was finally being processed. After another six months or so I was beginning to wonder whether I should contact the Ministry of Defence and make enquiries (paranoid as usual about things being lost in the post!) but decided to leave until a year had passed since the last letter.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, the postman brought a recorded delivery package and there it was - my Dad's Arctic Star. I'm so chuffed.

Arctic Star
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Back home after a glorious week in the Lake District, staying at the same cottage that we went to last year. Temperatures hovering around 75 to 80 degrees every day and not a single solitary drop of rain apart from a few showers on the way there (and anyone who knows the Lakes will know how unusual that is!). We nearly came home without our waterproof coats actually, as I'd hung them up when we arrived and they hadn't been moved all week!

Granddaughter Izzy came with us again and she had a great time watching all the wildlife that visited the garden - red squirrels, woodpeckers, foxes, buzzards, sheep and lots of different garden birds. No deer this year unfortunately, but the red squirrels more than made up for that.

The cottage is next door to the owners' house, and this year they were there when we arrived (the main house was empty all week last time). They were only there for the weekend though and they kindly told us that we could use their garden as much as we liked after they left. Not that we actually did - we preferred our little patio outside the cottage door - but it was nice to wander around the garden in the evening and marvel at the fact that some people can actually afford to keep a gorgeous place like that solely as a holiday home!

So, here are some piccies for you! )
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Here's wishing [ profile] towerbridge2006 a very

Hope you have a lovely day!
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(I'm posting this to several LJ communities and Yahoo groups, so apologies to those of you on my flist who will probably be sick of seeing it by now!)

As part of the decluttering of my house I am reluctantly parting company with some of my precious zine collection. I have the following Pros and Man From UNCLE zines for sale, plus a much sought after gay historical novel -

Pros -

Cat Tales £8
Diamyien £10
Down Under Express 1 £5
Down Under Express 3 £5
Down Under Express 6 £5
Down Under Express 8 £5
Professional Dreamer (photocopy) £5


A Matter of Trust (photocopy) £5
An Eternal Flame: Book 1 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £12.50
Compromising Positions £8
Dark Encounters £5
Exposures 1 £8
"/" Man From U.N.C.L.E. Fanzine £5
Medieval Fantasy (as new, only read once) £12.50
Old World Affair £10
Rain At Dawn: Book 3 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £12.50
The Long Shadows Cast: Book 2 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £12.50
The Perfect Affair £10
U.N.C.L.E. Affairs £8
Worlds Enough 2 (as new, only read once) £12.50


Battle of Hope – CSI Miami, Company Business, MFU, Sentinel, Pros, Smallville, Quantum Leap, Due South, Original M/M fic (as new, only read once) £12.50

Cohorts 3 – Archie, Babylon 5, Chief/Pros, Due South, Rawhide, X Men, Pros/Muppets, MFU, Seaquest, Highlander, Gargoyles, Sherlock Holmes, Garfield, UFO £8

On The Double 33 Apr-Jul 95 (adzine) £2

Novel -

Thornapple by Chris Hunt (paperback) £12 (hard to find and very collectable!)

Prices do not include postage, which will vary according to size and weight of individual zines/books. I will combine postage if multiple zines/books are purchased and I'm more than happy to post overseas (I am in the UK).

Zines marked "as new" were purchased by me from the publisher and are in pristine condition.

Zines marked "photocopy" are bound, no loose pages.

If anyone's interested in purchasing any of the above please comment here or contact me at

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Wow, can't believe my hols finished two weeks ago! Where did that time go?

I had a really nice holiday but on reflection it might have been a mistake to split ourselves between three different locations over a ten day period. It felt as though we were just starting to settle down when we had to move on again. Nevertheless, we did enjoy the break and it was good to visit somewhere new (the Malvern Hills) as well as the old favourites (Somerset and London).

So, have some piccies... )
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Trying again to send a big Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] constant_muse. As you can probably tell, posting to LJ from my phone is a new experience for me, so apologies for lack of Lads and other pretty pictures!

Hope you're having a great day!

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Here's wishing my good friend [profile] constant_muse
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Just popping in from the wilds of Exmoor to wish [ profile] nakeisha a very happy birthday. Hope you're having a lovely day, m'dear! And I'm sending big apologies too as I had a card all ready to send to you but I left it at home by mistake, and I don't have my address book with me so I couldn't send you another one! I'm posting this on my phone too, so there are no pretty pictures, I'm afraid. All in all I'm a bit a waste of space, aren't ? *g*.

All the very best, anyway!

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So, what's been happening over the past month or so? Ummm, well...

Updating - Moving House )
Gadding About )
Lewis )
And now - Hols!! )
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